Web Development

Web Development

Our goal is to bring the most recognizable and modern solutions to the world web market. We do our best in order to make your site usable, profitable and, what is significant, one and only. Truly original web site is the best promotion for your product or services. It points you out of any possible competitors.

The main functional strategy of our team presupposes only the most innovative and efficient approaches to the web development – Agile, SCRUM, or dedicated team models. That means that you get team of professionals appointed to your project and interested in bringing the best solutions to your future product.

There are 3 ways of making the project run successfully – communication, communication and … communication. We provide you with clear and fluent dialogue on every stage of the project. It helps us avoid the misunderstanding and do everything exactly how you want it to look like.

Our specialists transform your ideas and requirements into project documentation what then results in pure benefit from our cooperation.


One of the inherent components of every web service, its memory and essence – database. In our practise we use only the most innovative and sufficient approaches to the database architecture.

There are solutions for any demand possible – info about your clients, huge lists of products or enormous documentation banks. All of these can be covered by our specialists.

Modern techniques allow the database to be fast and efficient in processing, easily edited and used for multiple sources. The English of this is that you are able to use single database for a number of websites, applications or whatever else. This is the best way for you to cut on time and resources expenses.

We provide development of all kinds of databases, including relational and non-relational ones.


Our team of webmasters can be safely said to be aware of any possible web development technology that exists today. Whether it is front or back-end – we can deal with everything. The most preferable technologies today are PHP, HTML and CSS.

They provide a wide range of any possible functions to satisfy the most complicated demands of any user. If that is not enough, we can use frameworks like Angular.js or Jquery.js to make your site functionality beyond the most brave dreams.

Back-end technologies are also on the high level – Javascripts make your site alive and eye catching. Frameworks do their job perfectly – all your needs will be satisfied.

The list above would be unfinished without mobile technology. If you want to make the success of your site complete – bring the mobile version. Today’s users want to have whole internet in their pocket, so give it to them! And let smartphone and tablet be your best helper.


Since WordPress platform was born in 2004, it revolutionized the whole web society. Never site building was such an easy and pleasant process. Now every user can manage content of the site and change its modules without any specific knowledge.

If your site is not supposed to be heavily loaded with functionality (some blog or gallery for example), using the CMS will be the best solution. We provide services connected with the development using Joomla!, WordPress, and Drupal. The main benefit of the CMS is that you can manage your site content and overlook without calling your programmer all the time.

Once the system is set up and tuned up by us, you can manage it without any efforts. If you already have ready-made CMS site, but want to add some unique functionality, plugins will be in handy. There is enormously huge number of existing plugins, all of them can enlarge the functionality of your site or make it look different. Just choose the right one, and we will implement it to your site. If there is no right plugin – we can create it from the scratch.


Today’s number of devices of all kinds and forms grows by leaps and bounds. Phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks – all of these have different technical specifications. How do we fit them all without major changes to our website? There is a solution. It is called responsive layout, or adoptive design.

This technology makes your website highly adaptive to any kind of the device by using grid positioning and flexible images. Why is it so good? Just imagine that you have to create mobile version for every single device. Horrible, isn’t it? Adaptive layout saves you from that. There are other major advantages of responsive technology:

  • It is compatible with any device that has screen and browser
  • You do not have to create any subdomains for mobile version
  • There is no need to cut on functionality – adaptive layout brings all the functions from original source

In return, number of your potential clients grows exponentially.

Enterprise solutions

We supply special services for enterprises. No matter who you are – a huge international company or an adventurous individual, we provide solutions for everyone.

There are a lot of different platforms that can make your sales and client base grow. They include whole range of possible functions all-in-one.

For example, E-commerce platforms allow you to sell your goods worldwide without the need to have physical shop. If you already have a growing business, E-commerce will be your best helper.

You can use mobile solutions to be with clients 24/7 all over the world on all the devices. Advantages and opportunities of this approach are obvious.

Be at control of every single part of your business. Web admin panels give you an ability to administrate the work flow from any part of the world.

All of this we can bring to you in fast and efficient manner.


Just imagine – we built the site for you. It is modern and eye catching, it has all the functions you wanted it to have with bright design. But here comes another question – how to bring traffic on it? There are hundreds of websites, how to become the brightest spot among all of them? This is where you could use our SEO engineers.

Search Engine Optimization is an approach that makes it possible for your website to hit the tops in google search results.

In our practise we use only so cold “white hat” practises, so you can be confident that all the content of your website is crystal clear and efficient the same time.

Some CMS, like Joomla or open-cart provide wide range of functions for better and faster website indexations. The higher you are in the search results list – the bigger number of customers you will get. As simple as it is.

There are several stages of SEO optimization, here are some of them:

The first part is working within the site. It includes error correction, add and edit content, HTML-code pages editing and so on. So-called internal optimization.

How effective will be the first step depends on our efforts and knowledge in this area.

The second part of SEO-Optimization – is our own promotion. On this stage, it is necessary to bring the resource to the first position by a number of activities performed outside the site (article directories, forums, bookmarks and other sites), task of which is to build up the necessary reference weight and promote the site targeted requests, as well as to increase its credibility. This is called a promotion or an external site optimization.

The third part is to maintain the achieved positions and to improve the results. Observation of results and the performance of competitors, changes in key words, text for links, site content, updating sites – all this definitely need to be on mind to keep the gained position.

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